Letter from Colleen Konicek Hannigan, President Pro-Tem

“I’ve proudly served on the Barrington Hills Village board for 8 years and was part of an overhaul that dramatically reduced a bloated budget with skyrocketing attorney fees, crumbling infrastructure, and civil discord. The process was slow, time consuming and even painful at times, but it was always worthwhile because we were working to improve our hometown and doing so on behalf of our neighbors. Six years ago Brian Cecola was instrumental in getting our roads program (that was literally failing due to prior administration’s mismanagement using road funds to pay legal expenses) under control. Six years later we as a Board get to make the easy vote to approve a road budget that’s been reduced annually with his oversight and a paving program that has exceeded our annual miles. He’s much more than a pothole checker, Bob, and I’m saddened to hear you not only try to take credit for his hard work, but to try and discredit it.

Myself, the Village President, trustees Cecola, Croll and Buettner have exhibited the highest caliber of ethics during our time on the Village Board, as did trustee Maison. For sitting trustees and incumbents Bob Zubak and Paula Jacobsen to run a campaign where they sign a pledge not to engage in character defamation and in the very mail piece where they print the signed pledge malign President McLaughlin, Trustee Cecola and my character by inference is the height on irony and dishonesty. Marty McLaughlin, Brian Cecola and I have held ourselves to the highest standards and served our Village with honesty and fairness. We have never given preferential treatment to any private individual or person during our tenure. We have never used public office for private gain and have indeed sacrificed much in the hours we’ve devoted to serving this community. The public record speaks for itself. If this is the sword that Zubak and Jacobsen are falling on, what have they been doing for the last 4 years? I guess you need to get in for a second term so you can try to practice what you preach? Vote for One Barrington Hills candidates Cecola, Riff, Strauss and Ekstrom to continue a positive, fiscally conservative and open approach to local government.