Dear Neighbor: An Open Letter to the Community

A little over 8 years ago, amovement began in the Village of Barrington Hills under the leadership of Village President Marty McLaughlin and Trustee Colleen Konicek Hannigan.  Simply stated, they were convinced that Village government needed to go in a different direction, restoring civility and neighborliness while reducing government spending.  It has been a successful undertaking and I am proud to say that I have been part of that record of success for the past six years. 

Over these past years, our “One Barrington Hills” group has continued to expand and deliver results. We reduced our tax levy by nearly 30%, eliminated never-ending lawsuits and legal bills, and reduced the cost of government to a level that is both sustainable and efficient. Furthermore, we protected our 5-acre zoning and promoted the equestrian values in our community to ensure that we remain the unique bucolic village that our founders envisioned. Where in this state can any government body point to a record like that?

On April 6th,we will have another election where you will have the opportunity to vote to continue the progress that we have made and maintain the government that we have reformed. We need your help to continue to protect our way of life and ensure our tax dollars are spent wisely and effectively.

We have four candidates on the ballot representing One Barrington Hills. I am running for Village President with David Riff, Tom Strauss, and Laura Ekstrom, all incredible candidates for Village Trustees. They are equestrians as well as business owners who understand fiscal responsibility and come from a wide range of backgrounds representing all areas of our unique community. As a friend and neighbor, we ask you to invest in our efforts today. Your donation will help us better communicate our message to the voters of Barrington Hills, making you an even more important part of the political process. A contribution of any size is greatly appreciated and no contribution is too small. 

To contribute, simply make a check out to One Barrington Hills and mail it to One Barrington Hills, 100 Commerce Drive, Schaumburg, Illinois 60173. Alternatively, you can contribute online through our website at

The election is fast approaching. While April may seem far away, the first day to vote by mail or in-person is on Thursday, February 25th. Every dollar invested in our effort will go towards protecting our unique village and way of life.

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration and for your generous support of our extraordinary village. I look forward to talking to you during this election season.

Warm Regards,
Brian D. Cecola
Candidate for Village President of Barrington Hills