Brian D. Cecola

For those residents who have not had the opportunity to meet Brian Cecola over the past 6 years as Barrington Hills Trustee/Roads & Bridges Chairperson/Public Safety Chairperson, he would like to share with you a little behind the man.   Growing up in Barrington, attending Grove Avenue Elementary School, Station Middle School and graduated Barrington High School in 1984, Brian always knew he would remain living in the area.  He married in 1994 to Stephanie and they purchased their first home in the Village of Barrington. They have three children; Mikala-24, Grant-22, and Tyler-16.  In 2011 Brian & Stephanie purchased their dream property in Barrington Hills, where the children were able to explore all the wonders that the country and open spaces provided.    Stephanie & Mikala quickly filled the barn with two rescue horses, a mini mule, chickens, ducks, goats and cats.  Grant and Tyler gravitated to bon fires and ATV’s with friends.  The family as a whole has enjoyed boating, biking, hiking, horseback riding, snowshoeing and just sitting under the dark skies looking at the star and enjoying bon fires with friends and neighbors.

Brian has been a member of the 60010 community for 54 years.  He has been actively involved in several Barrington groups and non-profit organizations because he feels it is important to support the area you live in by either volunteering, investing or simply enjoying an afternoon embracing the many activities available within the open spaces of our community.

Brian wants to continue to give back to the community, therefore he has decided to run for the position of Barrington Hills Village President.  He will continue the movement that was started 8 years ago; keeping neighborliness and civility while maintaining good fiscal government spending.   While seated as Trustee/Roads and Bridges chairman, Brian has been able to exceed expectation on paving more village roadways than any past trustee.  Additionally, Brian served as Public Safety chair working with the police and public safety committee on many issues to keep the safety of all our residents a top priority.  He has and will continue to take each issue to heart, hear residents’ feedback and weigh in on the facts before making any decision.  Brian is dedicated to keeping the heritage and charm of Barrington Hills.   He wants outsiders to view Barrington Hills with the same splendor we who live here do.  He believes in maintaining the 5-acre minimum zoning and preserving Open Spaces so Barrington Hills can continue with its unique traditions of conservation and equestrian pursuits.  It is important to Brian that Barrington Hills’ property values go up, while making the smart decisions that will help keep taxes down.  He understands the urgency on handling many of the issues; some of which he knows to be very personal and emotional among residents.  Every community needs to have balance; balance cannot be achieved if respect and justice is not being put to order.   Brian would like to help achieve this new order with a balanced mind, balanced emotions, and the right kind of passion our community deserves.